Sony Xperia Yuga, evidence of a new smartphone from Sony

Sony Xperia Yuga, evidence of a new smartphone from Sony

The pace of work not lapses in the Sony factory. And evidence of what it could be at the beginning of the next year 2013 have already been. The first mobile making an appearance was the Sony Xperia Odin. Now it has been able to discover, thanks to tests of performance, which is known as the codename of Sony Xperia Yuga.

Sony Xperia Yuga, evidence of a new smartphone from Sony

This smartphone, which is not yet known official image, would be one possible heavyweight of the next year. And one of its great strengths would be possible processor that already begins to rumors: would have inside a quad-core chip, a feature that, at the moment, is not available in the extensive catalogue of offerings from the Japanese manufacturer. And to make matters worse, its working frequency would be 1.5 GHz.

This is has been able to deduct because the values achieved in the performance test would be closer to that have failed to be with models that they would be using a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro (quad-core). In addition, the model, on the basis that it will be available in 2013, if everything runs its course, would come with Android 4.1.1 installed inside. Let us remember that currently manufacturer smartphones come with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Similarly, this Sony Xperia Yuga became one of the first Sony swords for next year along with the Sony Xperia Odin, although it more likely that you a released time, is conocan by other more commercial names and more with the style of the manufacturer that tends to accompany their releases with a letter. At the moment are the only data that you have learned so far: neither a picture nor an exact launch date. Although expected to be a large terminal, watching the last Premium brand launch.

The last device that has been presented to society has been the Sony Xperia T, an advanced mobile – also based on Google’s Android – and that has a very careful design. First thing that shall draw the attention of the latest release is great 4.55-inch screen – possible hint as to what values can be expected in the diagonal of the Sony Xperia Yuga.

Its processor is dual core and at the rear is a camera of 13 megapixel of resolution, with which the user can also enjoy recording videos in high definition from a maximum of 1080 p or Full HD. To this must be added the possibility of video conferencing in HD thanks to its 1.3 megapixel front camera.

As a last tip, this advanced mobile also comes with Android, although in their Ice Cream Sandwich or Android 4.0 version. In addition, offers multiple connections — both with cables and without them — with which to share media with other computers on the place and memory internal 16 GB over the possibility of increasing with MicroSD memory cards of maximum 32 GB.