Spotify and Google Assistant, finally joined

Spotify to integrate with Google Assistant for android

Can you imagine being able to say aloud the title of your favorite song and start playing in Spotify without having to touch your smartphone? Well this is going to be a reality within a very short time. And is that the service of streaming music and Google Assistant, have allied to offer a service of the most innovative.

Spotify and Google Assistant, finally joined: An unnoticed novelty

Recently the Google event was held in which they presented some new features, such as their new android phones Pixel 2, that caught the attention of everyone. But there were other presentations that were not given so much attention and yet are so much or more useful. One of them is the integration between Spotify and Google Assistant, which is not yet known all the details, but in principle it looks like something very interesting.

Spotify and Google Assistant, finally joined

What will be the result?

Google Assistant is Google’s voice assistant, with which we can perform different actions just by giving your orders out loud. But so far, all we could do with Spotify was to open the app.

However, once this integration becomes effective, we can tell you to start playing music or even choose the song that we want it to sound. And with a simple voice command, we can enjoy our favorite songs , without it being necessary or even that we touch our smartphone.

For all Spotify users

One of the great news is that, in order to enjoy this union between Spotify and Google Assistant, it will not be necessary that we have a Premium account . Any free user of the service, can use it without problems.

The only requirement to start integrating Spotify and Google, will be to be a user of both services and coordinate them to synchronize the accounts. Only with this, you can start to hear your favorite music, without touching the screen.

Anyway, this function has just been presented and still not know too many details about it. It is expected that in the next few weeks some more details will be known about what will allow us to make this new union, which will surely be appreciated for the users of both services.

What do you think of this future function by voice? Do you see it interesting? Leave a comment below at the end of this article.