Samsung wants to set up a new system update for the Galaxy S4

Galaxy S4: Samsung wants to set up a new system update

Samsung wants to set up a new system update for the Galaxy S4. This new system would introduce greater control updates, but prices and sales figures for its smartphones in each country.

The sales system and updating terminals do not appear to meet the Korean manager who intends to have a greater control over it all at the release of his next bestseller, Samsung Galaxy S4. If greater control of Android updates for Samsung devices seems to be good news for consumers, the new one cannot. In fact, Samsung also intends to prevent system updates certain vendors who use versions other countries.

Thus, Samsung would not update your smartphone if you bought in another country. Korean would also have exact sales figures by countries in order to influence the price of its terminals by increasing or lowering the price by sales in different regions. Dealers would no longer be free to practice the price they want. This set of elements that Samsung wants to set up for its Galaxy S4 would then apply to the other terminals.

Samsung wants to set up a new system update for the Galaxy S4

All this is just a rumor, but Samsung could very well put such a system in place. As consumers, it would allow you to have more updates followed (OTA and Kies), but dampen the purchase of Samsung smartphones abroad, not to mention the price which could be uneven across regions.

Dealers would not the party with the inability to sell smartphones from other countries and prices will be largely influenced by the manufacturer. Samsung would be the only winner in this new system, if implemented in place since the launch of the Galaxy S4.


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