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Netflix improves its sound system

Netflix improves sound quality in its Android application

Watching movies or series on an Android device might sound a bit strange a few years ago. But now there are many who enjoy their favorite audiovisual content on a smartphone or tablet.

And Netflix has decided to think especially about them, launching a new update in its Android app in which the sound system improves considerably.

Netflix improves its sound system

Netflix improves its sound system

Studio sound

The new launch of the streaming platform is a sound system based on studio sound , so that the result is much more impressive.

One of the great advantages of this system is that it adapts to the needs of your connection . Therefore, if you do not have a very powerful connection, you will always have the possibility of accessing a lower quality sound that makes you not have constant cuts.

It also has a volume control, which will make all the titles play at a constant volume. This will avoid this annoying situation in which when you change series or film the volume rises or falls considerably. Now it will be at the same level no matter what you hear, ideal for when you change titles in the same session.

In general, and always bearing in mind that in the end the sound also depends largely on the speakers we use, we can say that the quality with which we will listen to our favorite movies, series or documentaries will improve considerably. Therefore, the experience when enjoying content on an Android device will also be much better.

Requirements to enjoy Netflix studio sound

Contrary to what we might think at first, it is not necessary that we have a smartphone with great features to be able to enjoy this studio sound. At the operating system level, all you need is to have Android 9 or higher . Therefore, unless your device is old enough, you can enjoy this interesting improvement in the sound system from now on, regardless of whether it is more or less powerful.

Of course, it must be borne in mind that the sound quality will not depend solely on the Netflix application. The sound quality offered by your smartphone will also have a lot to say about it. But you have the mobile you have you will notice the difference with respect to the previous sound as soon as you receive the update that offers you this new sound.

Did you find this latest Netflix novelty interesting? We invite you to tell us in the comments section.