What have the best quality of video? We have multiple alternatives when it comes to making video calls , such as Skype , Hangouts

Hangouts vs Skype: The best Apps for videoconferencing and online teamwork

In recent years, the dynamics of business have changed a lot. The trend is that, increasingly, workers need a flexible and accessible environment from anywhere in the world. It is for this reason that videoconferencing and online teamwork are increasingly necessary. And, for this, you need good software (and hardware, although we already talked about it in the Hangouts meet post : what it is and what hardware it includes ) that allows you to communicate with your team quickly and easily. Google Hangouts and Skype can be good options, fully compatible with your devices (Chrome or not).

Do you want to know the differences between both applications? In this post we help you decide which one is best for you.

What have the best quality of video? We have multiple alternatives when it comes to making video calls , such as Skype , Hangouts

Differences between Hangouts and Skype for Business

1. App installation

One of the main differences between Hangouts and Skype for Business is the need to install the software on your Chrome device. In case of having a Chrome device, Hangouts is already included , so it is not necessary to install anything . On the other hand, many Android smartphones also have this application by default. On the other hand, Skype requires an installation on Chrome devices, although it does not require a lot of effort either since you can find it in the Chrome Web Store .

2. Synchronization with your calendar and multiple forms of access

On the other hand, it is important to note that with Google Hangouts you can access video calls in multiple ways. For one, you can sync your G Suite data and calendars . This allows you to create events in Google Calendar and send the invitations by Gmail. Thus, anyone who accepts your invitation can access them directly with a single click. In addition, if you have meeting devices , such as Hangouts Meet Hardware , you can also access them directly. Other forms of access are access codes of meetings, videoconferencing systems third , thedial the phone or the shortcut from the video call URL .

Instead, Skype for Business only allows you access from an event or email, direct dialing of a phone or URL.

3. Screen Sharing

Both options have the possibility of sharing the desktop or screen. This can be very useful during your meetings, since you can share and comment live on your presentations. However, from Hangouts it can be much easier and with a higher quality than with Skype for Business.

4. Recording of video calls and live broadcast

Google Hangouts (with the Enterprise plan) goes one step further and gives you the option to record your video calls. This can be very useful for your business if you want to record your presentations and then show them to your team members. You can also take advantage of using your video calls to record and store training material . If you want to know more about this possibility or how to do it, you can read this Google post .

Also, if you want to broadcast these video conferences and events live on YouTube, with Google Hangouts you can also do it. For more information on this process click here .

5. Usability of the app

If you are already a regular user of Google, you will know that one of its main objectives is to make day-to-day work easier . In this case, the Hangouts app has a better user experience and is much easier to use. Therefore, for a user who has never used it or is unfamiliar with video conferencing software, the process of adapting to it can be much faster.

Do you want to try G Suite?

Hangouts vs Skype Which one do you choose?

As we have already said, both applications are fully compatible with any of your devices. However, if what you want is to have ease and comfort to access your video conferences, our recommendation is that you stick with Hangouts. If you are already a G Suite user, it will be more comfortable and useful to use Google Hangouts. If not, but you are thinking of using Hangouts, it will be good to read this post about G Suite plans.

Google Hangouts will stop supporting SMS very soon

If you use Google Hangouts as an SMS app, you should look for an alternative

Google has a serious problem with its messaging applications. After the arrival of Google Allo, many Android users doubted what would happen to Hangouts , the previous G messaging app, which in a short time will be divided into two different services , aimed at professionals and companies.

Now, Google wants to confuse Android users even more, and all those who, until now, used Hangouts as their default SMS client for Android Messaging, will have to find an alternative soon.

Hangouts will stop supporting SMS very soon
Google Hangouts will stop supporting SMS very soon

As we are told from 9to5Google , the great G would have updated the policies of G Suite, stating that Hangouts will stop supporting SMS in a short time , in order to focus all their efforts on the development of functionalities aimed specifically at professionals and companies.

We’ve been working hard to optimize the classic Hangouts product for business users, and as part of this effort, the SMS functionality of vendors will be removed from the classic Hangouts Android app starting May 22.

Reportedly, this measure will take effect next May 22 , and since then, all those Android users who were using Hangouts as default SMS app should look for an alternative.

Of course, Google recommends that users make the jump to Android Messaging, the application previously known as Messenger, which has recently been updated to support the new standard RCS messaging, and within a few months could gain more importance.

Before finalizing, comment that Google has pointed out some news that will soon reach its suite of business apps. You can see all these news from the official G Suite news blog . Lastly, and if you still use Hangouts as an app for SMS, we recommend you switch to Android Messaging , a much simpler and more effective app, and updated to new messaging technologies.

Download Android Messaging (Free) from Google Play