WhatsApp will not work on some smartphones from 2017

We already knew since last February, but at this time came the confirmation that many were hoping not to receive from users who are accustomed to using the application WhatsApp. Since 2017 , in fact, some smartphones currently in circulation will no longer support the app note , causing in this way millions of people to change device in reference to those who are bound to decidedly not updated products. Today I will try to go deeper, bringing concrete examples of short excluded from the list of devices compatible with the platform.
WhatsApp will not work on some smartphones from 2017: all involved devices and dates

Yesterday, Whatsapp spoke of versions of individual operating systems by return will not be possible to use the app, focusing more specifically on the BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10, Nokia S40, Nokia Symbian S60, Android 2.1 and 2.2, Windows Phone 7 and iPhone 3GS / iOS 6. If with Apple and BlackBerry Circle is altogether narrower, which are concrete examples of smartphones involved in this kind of talk? Let’s see them up close.

The most popular is undoubtedly the Samsung Galaxy S Advance, for which there was at the time a long soap opera before withdrawing from the Android Jelly Bean update release. From next year this Decision will be paid to the lack of support for Whatsapp.

WhatsApp will not work on some smartphones from 2017: ALL the set are listed below:

Alcatel One Touch 983,
Huawei Summit,
LG Optimus Zone VS410,
NGM WeMove Action and Action Live,
Samsung Galaxy Metrix 4G,
Motorola Motosmart ME and ME Dual,
Huawei Ascend Y201,
LG Optimus L3 Dual,
Samsung Galaxy Beam,
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 and Ace,
Huawei Ascend Y100 and Y200,
Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus,
Samsung Galaxy S and lesser-known versions of the Samsung Galaxy S2.

As for the dates, as you may have perceived the measure WhatsApp will start officially at the beginning of 2017, with an extension until June confirmed for all those devices that mount the BlackBerry operating system, BlackBerry 10, Nokia S40 and Nokia Symbian S60. In short, Christmas 2016 might give you a reason to change your smartphone. What will you do?

Samsung Galaxy NX: 20.3 MP Camera with Android OS

If this is the first time you’ve heard of this camera, it is the first interchangeable lens camera to the history of the digital camera, with a SIM card port to enjoy an LTE connection to share or in the Cloud magical moments captured with the device. It is the first model in the line of Galaxy NX and offers CMOS APS-C 20.3 MP sensor. In line Galaxy requires the device operates in the mobile operating system Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, followed by overlay house of Samsung, which is the TouchWiz UI.

Now a brief presentation of the product has been made, let us therefore its technical characteristics.

For the design of the Galaxy NX, we can say that this is a combination of an old camera and a modern smart phone. At the front end, the device offers a very classic design for a professional camera. Turned backwards, it offers a 4.8 inch screen, followed by an interface similar to that of a smartphone. Samsung wanted to minimize the buttons on the camera, where users tend to underestimate the device. However, this leads to minimization of the buttons incredibly easy to use for a terminal of its head. Thus, it will flash at right, the mode and the shutter button as a physical button. Otherwise, it takes on the touch screen to make manual adjustments.

Samsung Galaxy NX has CMOS APS-C 20.3 MP sensor

Concerning the quality of the image, we can expect a stunning record. Indeed, the CMOS APS-C 20.3 MP sensor is doing very well on images taken in a very difficult environment lighting mode by default. Furthermore, the macro mode is impressive. Of course, a detailed test on the device is necessary to know the actual areas of this camera out of the ordinary.

Getting Started Android Camera smartphone

Regarding the performance of the Samsung Galaxy NX, do not forget that this is a modern device and associated with advanced technology in order to fully take advantage of its capabilities. Therefore, the device features a quad-core processor clocked at 1.6 GHz supported by a memory of 2 GB Galaxy NX offers an internal memory of 16 GB which can be expanded via a microSD card (up to 64GB extra). In addition, the device has a 3G/4G via a SIM card, WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth 4.0 connection. Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean is for the operation of this camera. The menu navigation is very fluid, besides the shutter of the camera is more than adequate speed.

performance of the Samsung Galaxy NX

Finally, the device features a vibrant TFT screen of 4.8 inches that can display very clearly the image that has been captured. For cons, the actual resolution of the screen is still unknown, but we can say that the colors are warm, with a good viewing angle.

Neither the price nor the release date of the device has yet been disclosed, but it is in any case a professional camera that might appeal to many of us.

Samsung Galaxy Star And Pocket Neo Dual SIM Designs

Sales forecasts for Samsung speak over 500 million devices in 2013, obviously not everyone is going to be Samsung Galaxy S4. Much of the blame for these sales grow as the are affordable Smartphones Samsung Galaxy Star and Galaxy Pocket Neo.

On this day the Korean company presents two new terminals, which are located at the access range Galaxy family, designed for youngsters, as Samsung itself. Both the system have Dual SIM as most striking feature. Let us know them better:

Much of the blame for these sales grow as the are affordable Smartphones Samsung Galaxy Star and Galaxy Pocket Neo

Samsung Galaxy Star

Both phones are very similar in specifications, but claims your attention that the Samsung Galaxy Star has a newer Android version: 4.2.2 Jelly Bean (and appears on the official website, but we suspect that was a typo).

One thing that seems to stand out, not be a simple phone, outdated should appear on the market. Do not miss the inevitable customization TouchWiz on Android, with apps like ChatON house.

Entering specifications, it has a screen of three inches with resolution QVGA, a processor running at 1GHz, accompanied by 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal memory (expandable via microSD).

It only have a rear camera of 2 megapixels, FM radio, 1.200mAh battery and said possibility of Dual SIM (depending on market, are identified by the logo DUOS). Regarding the double card from the home screen widgets that allow to manage.
The full dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy Star are 104.95 × 58 × 11.9 mm and weighs 100.5 grams. Colors will be available in black and white (looks blue), as you can see in the pictures.

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo

Apart from a different design (less rounded) specifications, Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo are very similar to those of his companion presentation, three-inch screen QVGA, 2 megapixel camera, and Dual SIM versions.

We found major differences as the processor spends running at 850Mhz, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as an operating system, and the overall dimensions are 105 × 57.8 × 11.8 mm, with 100.5 grams. The color available in this time is a stylish gray.

When will the market?
In this first statement presentation of Samsung Galaxy Pocket Neo and Galaxy Star, we have provided information on its availability date or the markets in which it will appear (no doubt that will be in the main, at least in the version without Dual SIM).

No one know about the approximate prices of any model, but given recent precedents, are not far from the 100 USD. We will keep you informed.

First Protective And Multimedia Accessories For Samsung Galaxy S4

S View Cover is an additional casing type book that offers a small window through which you can observe data reflected on the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S4

It is virtually impossible not to find in these days a smartphone that is not suitably dressed in a protective cover, additional housing or bumper. That is why from Samsung have I want to provide a range of shirts that protect the Samsung Galaxy S4. In this sense, four are the initial proposals. The most classic is called Pouch, a leather case in which we Retrospect the Samsung Galaxy S4. It is specially oriented for a very specific user profile, and although it is an interesting solution for that kind of audience. It has the disadvantage of unable to check the contents of the device, this has to be taken out of the Holster Pouch.

disadvantage of Pouch is unable to check the contents of the device

There is another option that allows you to get the Samsung Galaxy S4 protected at the time that we take a look at to time and notifications, but without having to open the case itself. It is called S View Cover, which basically is an additional casing type book that offers a small window through which you can observe data reflected on the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S4, so it is not necessary to open the case to warn information in the panel.

Flip Cover is an old acquaintance now available for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Protective Cover + covering the sides and the rear of the Samsung Galaxy S4

No window version is Flip Cover, an old acquaintance now available for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2. On the other hand, you have the option of incorporating the Samsung Galaxy S4 version simpler and less cumbersome protective covers, designed to avoid trouble where the phone will fall to the ground. In this case you speak of the Protective Cover +, covering the sides and the rear.


Two accessories stand out in Multimedia section is the GamePad and a new set of headphones. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will behaves as a portable console with five inch display that you connect a remote control reminiscent in design the Xbox 360 controller. Thanks to this, you could play with all comfort available in Samsung Apps and Google Play games. This controller features two analog sticks, as well as directional cross, four action buttons key home and contextual access for different actions.

Samsung Galaxy S4 headphones have gained in ergonomics and comfort as well as sound quality

On the other hand the new set of headphones have gained in ergonomics and comfort, as well as sound quality. With this, the possibility to enjoy your playlists in the Samsung Galaxy S4, or experience an excellent output of sound listening to the audio of our videos on your phone in private will be a reality from the moment that we begin to use the device.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Has Wireless Charging With Special Housings

The March 14 is just around the corner. And why is space that day? Because Samsung has decided to present its next star terminal: the Samsung Galaxy S4. Meanwhile, more information continues to come about possible technical characteristics. According to recent rumors, the Asian giant bet on wireless charging terminal but through special housings.

Each year, Samsung surprised the public with new launches in the mobile phone sector. It was learned that the manufacturer did not intend to submit its next flagship in Barcelona during the celebration of the exhibition Mobile World Congress, the space was reserved for a new member: the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.

Samsung Galaxy S4 sell it without this function, it is possible that not all the public is interested in this technology

A few days later, it was confirmed that the presentation of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 would be in New York on March 14. And so far it has been known about its screen, its processor, the version of Android that would installed. And now, it has also come through the portal information DigiTimes, which is referred to a possible wireless charging interest.

Apparently, Samsung Galaxy S4 sell it without this function, it is possible that not all the public is interested in this technology. So the manufacturer would have opted for a strategy similar to that of Nokia with its Nokia Lumia 820. What is this? To offer customers the possibility of wireless charging-not having to be plugged into a charger cable conventionally through backshells with that function. Put another way: today is not a compulsory subject, so that the final decision rests with the user.

Samsung Galaxy S4 with wireless charging function

Also, some time ago there came a Samsung charger that boasted of this new technology that was christened Qi. There is only one induction charging with which the terminal is placed on an ad hoc basis and the load begins to act on the device instantly. Moreover, this feature is getting a lot of attention in Nokia handsets with Windows Phone. Now, Samsung continues its secrecy and let all the news saved for next week.

But what is currently known of Samsung Galaxy S4? First, one of the surprises for this year 2013 was the decision to reach the touch screen new submissions. And in this case, the panel would reach resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels: resolution Full HD. Also, the diagonal measure would supposedly-five inches, continuing the trend of the company to enlarge their devices in each new release.

Meanwhile, in the power pack that Samsung will decide to include the eight-core processor created by herself and would be accompanied by two gigabytes of RAM. As for the operating system, Samsung Galaxy S4 could be the first Korean mobile to show Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. Moreover, it said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 receive the update after the device’s presentation in New York.

Samsung ATIV S, new videos with Windows Phone 8

Still not entirely clear when hit stores, the efforts of South Korean Samsung focus on meeting the demand of Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2, moving in together, and given the last official count in now must touch a turnover of 40 million units, although they have not exceeded since. That is why from the Samsung would not easy having to raise the launch of Samsung ATIV S, which was the first phone officially launched with Windows Phone 8.

Samsung ATIV S with Windows Phone 8 aims to promote the integration aspect of your contacts through the various applications on the platform

To whet your appetite for this device, the boys of the Asian firm has released a couple of videos that we can continue to admire the design and performance of this device, in a way, becomes a Samsung Galaxy S3 intended ecosystem of Microsoft. The first thing it ran into one of these displays is that Windows Phone 8 on Samsung ATIV S to configure the home screen with a grid of up to four tiles in its smaller size. As you remember, this version of the system allows you to design your own primary interface with up to two different sizes of tiles or icons animated version as well as a horizontal rectangular combinatorial version. In addition, you can now extend the distribution to the edges, leaving a small open area on the right, as you had met so far.

This video also shows the possibilities that come with the new suite of Office for phones and tablets. Terminals with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 will be the first to enjoy this application package, which will also come to iOS 6 and Android in the months of March and April, probably. In the case of the ecosystem of Microsoft, the documents can be synchronized through a fund in the cloud storage up to seven GB.

On the other hand, the Samsung ATIV S with Windows Phone 8 aims to promote the integration aspect of your contacts through the various applications on the platform, which is undoubtedly one of the great attractions of this system compared to other environments market. On the other hand, also shown in another video how to operate the eight megapixel camera of this phone. Recall that Windows Phone 8 is incorporated technical support for quality videos FullHD, so this ATIV S Samsung loses no opportunity to give the user the option to capture footage in high definition 1080p.

Read also: Samsung Galaxy S Advance to be updated in January 2013

Samsung ATIV S not yet have an official release date. However, they begin to be signs that you could get to see it in January 2013. Other sources, however, anticipate the coming-out of this team, so much so that in Austria and could start distributing the first device of Samsung with operating system Windows Phone 8 from this month of April.

Samsung Galaxy S Advance to be updated in January 2013

The new head of Samsung said that the company would devote their efforts, not only to the manufacture of new models, but also to upgrading the current equipment catalogue. Recently the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet began to receive new Google icons. And now is the turn to the model of dual-core Samsung Galaxy S Advance that is going to update Android 4.1 Jelly Bean in early next year.

Samsung Galaxy S Advance was presented as a new alternative to the old Samsung Galaxy S or Samsung Galaxy S Plus

Thus the German subsidiary of Samsung has informed him through his official Facebook account. Update is scheduled to give beginning in the month of January, although if still, specify a particular date. Yes, it is expected that the new version coming to different countries in a phased manner. And, as always, free terminals will be the first to make the improvements.

As they have said, the new version will be available, both through the Samsung Kies program through wireless update (OTA). However, this second option usually takes some time longer. So, once begins to deliver Android 4.1, faster will be connecting the smartphone to a computer via cable.

With Jelly Bean – Have thus referred in the Facebook account, the improvements will be patents: the operation will be much more fluid, as well as adding new features like Google Now. It is not clear if the user interface will also be modified and the Asian giant will have seen fit to include the Samsung TouchWiz Nature UX, interface given to know through the Samsung Galaxy S3.

On the other hand, this Samsung Galaxy S Advance was presented as a new alternative to the old Samsung Galaxy S or Samsung Galaxy S Plus. With this model, included a dual core processor with a frequency of a GHz, as well as increase your memory RAM to 768 MB. Also, the camera would continue with a five megapixel sensor, although in this case a LED Flash is added to increase the quality in darker scenes.

Other interesting aspects of this smartphone are, for example, you can record videos in high definition. It also includes an FM radio tuner. And it has an internal memory of 8 GigaBytes that can increase with 32 GB via MicroSD memory cards.