Do not have good coverage on your mobile? An amplifier can help

Are you having trouble receiving the mobile signal in your area

If you live in a big city, you probably do not have any problem when it comes to getting coverage on your mobile phone. But if you live in a small town or a rural area, things may change. And not being able to make and receive calls correctly or surfing the Internet with difficulty, can be quite annoying.

Fortunately, there are solutions in this regard. You can buy a signal amplifier that makes it reach you with more strength. This way, you will not miss a call or a WhatsApp again, for not receiving the signal as you should.

What is a signal amplifier for?

A mobile signal repeater is a device that makes the wireless signal reach your device more powerfully. Something that is not usually necessary in the center of the cities. But there are still many areas in which the coverage leaves something to be desired.

So, we do not even talk about accessing 5G networks , there are places where it is practically impossible to make a phone call. To avoid problems in those places, signal amplifiers were created.

How a signal repeater works

A signal repeater is a small box with two antennas , one outside and one inside. The outside antenna is placed where you can pick up some mobile coverage. The interior is placed inside the house. In this way, the signal captured by the first is amplified by the second, so that we can access the telephone network much more reliably.

Can I use any amplifier?

The signal amplifier that you acquire, will depend on your needs. It is not the same as what you may need to cover a whole building, a low house or a vehicle. Therefore, it is best to talk to an expert who can orient you in this regard.

Most amplifiers do work for all operators, so a Vodafone amplifier will probably be the best choice for this mobile operator.

How much does an amplifier cost?

At this point it depends again on your needs. The greater the coverage you need to amplify your signal, the signal repeater you should buy will probably be more expensive.

For a small building, it is possible to find signal amplifiers for just over 300 euros with the possibility of extending the signal of both calls and 4G networks. A price that is not expensive if we take into account the tranquility and reliability that it gives us.

Are you having trouble receiving the mobile signal in your area? Have you ever used a signal amplifier? Without a doubt, they are electronic devices that help us, when we have a poor or very weak mobile signal. In those cases they are essential.

We invite you to visit our comments section and tell us your experiences with the lack of coverage and the possible solutions you can find.

WhatsApp: Here are the 3 newest less known hidden tricks of the week

Many features regarding WhatsApp are more than known, but at the same time many are hidden. Here are the 3 functions of the week that you may not know.

To expand the smartphone phenomenon so sharply, it has certainly been the constant innovation seen in recent years. Not to be underestimated, however, is the inside, made up of software, games and especially applications.

For every OS that you respect, there is a store with hundreds of thousands of applications and games. Certainly the best ever, and at the same time the most downloaded, is WhatsApp , the famous application that is now a real institution on every smartphone.Whatsapp: how to find out if someone spies us using the PC Answer messages without appearing online

In addition to classic text messages, calls and video calls, the well-known app also allows you to perform various functions. Some, however, remain hidden and perhaps even more interesting than the well known and advertised ones.

Here are 3 new hidden features for WhatsApp

Certainly you know the various functions that WhatsApp allows, but some are still existing for a few who are interested and especially small ones. Let’s see them closer:

Send messages to unsubscribed numbers in the phonebook

This solution is well hidden in the Play Store, as the app itself does not allow it in any way. The name of the application is WhatsDirect – Tool for WhatsApp, and it allows you to just mess with numbers that you did not save.

All you have to do after installing the app will enter the recipient’s phone number preceded by the national prefix and then type in the message you are about to send. You will see that suddenly a window will appear with the conversation right inside WhatsApp.

Answer messages without appearing online

Again, this is a feature not guaranteed by the app, but it’s possible with a simple trick that does not imply additional apps. As soon as you get a message that you need to respond but at the same time you can not enter the app to see you online, you just have to use your head.

Just before you open WhatsApp, you’ll need to connect to and close both WiFi and data connections. Then open the app and reply to the message, which obviously will not start due to the connection. Then close the app and go back to the connections by activating everything, so you can start writing automatically and app shut down. Exactly, it’s all here.

Quit password access to the application

To do so, you will need to download the app called AppLock, which is available in the Google Play Store. Thanks to AppLock, you can make the WhatsApp application disappear from your smartphone, without showing the relevant icon. To reactivate it, you can set up settings via AppLock that will allow you to reset the home icon by typing #1234 on the numeric keypad and forwarding the call.

There is also a system that can add a password or perhaps the fingerprint for unlocking.

WhatsApp, how to backup and restore chat on Android

Letting conversations on Whatsapp is never pleasant enough for this to make a backup and then restore it later becomes vital.

WhatsApp is not just the most used instant messaging application in the world, but a must have apps for all smartphone owners. The reason why it is soon said: you can send messages but also pictures, GIFs, videos, audio clips, documents as well as making voice calls and video calls also. All from a single application available for free.

WhatsApp is therefore part of everyone’s daily life and for this reason it is necessary to learn how to save and restore chats when you change the smartphone, for example, by purchasing one or more, or by having to format it because it no longer works as it should. In today’s article we will explain how to back up WhatsApp and how to restore this backup, with all the chats on Android OS.

How to Run a BACKUP for WhatsApp Chats

How to Run a BACKUP for WhatsApp Chats

You can back up WhatsApp by using Google Drive so you do not have to worry about space and especially where to store this data, or locally by storing data directly on your device.

To do a WhatsApp backup on Google Drive, just start WhatsApp, access the settings, and choose the chat menu. From the window open, choose chatting backups . At this point, verify from your Google Drive backup settings that your Google Account is selected and choose the frequency of each backup. If your Google Account is not configured, you will need to add it.

Now just press on backup to start saving conversations, confirming any messages on the screen. First backup may take some time for you to connect your smartphone to the power grid and use a WiFi connection. Each time you run a new backup on Google Drive, the previous one is overwritten .

WhatsApp backup to Google Drive

Local WhatsApp backups , however, are automatically created by the same application every day at 2pm, and are saved on the phone itself as a file. It’s obvious, then, that you just save these files by connecting your smartphone to your computer and accessing the / SD card / WhatsApp / folder. If the data is not stored on the SD card, you will need to browse the “internal memory”. The smartphone will save the seven most recent backups.


If you have just installed WhatsApp on your new smartphone or formatted device, you will need to enter the same Google account used for backup to your smartphone settings. After verifying the number, WhatsApp will ask if you want to restore any chat and media files from a backup. To do so, just tap Restore when prompted.

If WhatsApp does not detect any backups, it may be due to the fact that your Google Account is different or absent, or you are using a different phone number. To restore local backups, you will need to access the WhatsApp folder that was previously saved on your computer, select Databases, and locate the backup file with the latest date. Now rename the file from “msgstore-AAAA-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12” to “msgstore.db.crypt12” and recompose the entire WhatsApp folder on your device before WhatsApp is installed on it .

Overwrite any existing files. At the first start of WhatsApp, click Restore when prompted.

WhatsApp will not work on some smartphones from 2017

We already knew since last February, but at this time came the confirmation that many were hoping not to receive from users who are accustomed to using the application WhatsApp. Since 2017 , in fact, some smartphones currently in circulation will no longer support the app note , causing in this way millions of people to change device in reference to those who are bound to decidedly not updated products. Today I will try to go deeper, bringing concrete examples of short excluded from the list of devices compatible with the platform.
WhatsApp will not work on some smartphones from 2017: all involved devices and dates

Yesterday, Whatsapp spoke of versions of individual operating systems by return will not be possible to use the app, focusing more specifically on the BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10, Nokia S40, Nokia Symbian S60, Android 2.1 and 2.2, Windows Phone 7 and iPhone 3GS / iOS 6. If with Apple and BlackBerry Circle is altogether narrower, which are concrete examples of smartphones involved in this kind of talk? Let’s see them up close.

The most popular is undoubtedly the Samsung Galaxy S Advance, for which there was at the time a long soap opera before withdrawing from the Android Jelly Bean update release. From next year this Decision will be paid to the lack of support for Whatsapp.

WhatsApp will not work on some smartphones from 2017: ALL the set are listed below:

Alcatel One Touch 983,
Huawei Summit,
LG Optimus Zone VS410,
NGM WeMove Action and Action Live,
Samsung Galaxy Metrix 4G,
Motorola Motosmart ME and ME Dual,
Huawei Ascend Y201,
LG Optimus L3 Dual,
Samsung Galaxy Beam,
Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 and Ace,
Huawei Ascend Y100 and Y200,
Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus,
Samsung Galaxy S and lesser-known versions of the Samsung Galaxy S2.

As for the dates, as you may have perceived the measure WhatsApp will start officially at the beginning of 2017, with an extension until June confirmed for all those devices that mount the BlackBerry operating system, BlackBerry 10, Nokia S40 and Nokia Symbian S60. In short, Christmas 2016 might give you a reason to change your smartphone. What will you do?

Disadvantages of WhatsApp as customer channel

WhatsApp seems to have become the standard for instant messaging in every country. This has led many companies to use this channel of communication with their customers, but the fact is that WhatsApp as customer channel has its advantages and many disadvantages either.

Disadvantages and Advantages Whatsapp
The main advantage is on the side of the universality of the application. It is so widespread that virtually all customers are among its applications. This makes communicating via this channel is much easier than alternative instant messaging that can take your company.

On the other side is a channel in which the immediate response is expected from the other. Whether we double check turned blue, as if we inhibited this option, the person sending an instant message in this way if you see that there is an urgent reply and will eventually call. Thus it is a communication path somewhat less intrusive than direct call, especially outside normal hours.

But it also has its negative points. It is a more informal communication channel, so customers can get to take certain trusts which then lead them to ask for things that are not willing to offer as volunteers. In this case the trust in many cases leads to certain abuses.

On the other hand if the email allows us to have documented conversations with customers, WhatsApp is not so simple. Many requests require a much more extensive than a message via smartphone explanation. True, photos or scanned documents can be supportive, but then when you save the documentation is not as easy.

Finally, a major Disadvantages of WhatsApp is that it forces us to be more aware of what we’d like smartphone and notifications, both within the office and outside. This can cause a series of interruptions that ultimately influence our productivity negatively. It is true that we can use W hatsApp in the web browser , but this does not mean that not interrupt us when we’re focused on a particular task.

How to send unlimited photos on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular clients IM world today. Every day millions of users who sent messages and share files. As you know, WhatsApp is limited to a maximum of 10 images to send, but if you want to send more I’ll tell you how.

The first thing you need is jailbreak your device, then you must go to Cydia and search for the tweak Whatsapp Unlimited Media to install.

go to Cydia and search for the tweak Whatsapp Unlimited Media  to install

Once you have installed this tweak from now you will no longer limit to send photos or personal messages in groups. Said tweak does not require any configuration automatically when you install the limit that has WhatsApp is eliminated.

It is worth mentioning that it is not advisable to send many images at the same time, this can slow your computer back as it is a mass mailing of files and same you consume more data. So Install it at your own risk.

Whatsapp Brings Important New Features For Windows Phone

The messaging application WhatsApp is generating buzz. The question is which is not always for the better. This time it is a supposed list of new features that are coming for the version of Windows Phone. The dissonant note is that users of this platform take two months waiting for an update to improve this communication tool. And not for the news, which are quite interesting, but because they are using a tool that compared to other platforms is below about features and performance.

the trajectory of WhatsApp for Windows Phone are awaited and useful options

This new list has leaked from an Italian website where supposedly a beta tester, a person responsible for tests the performance of products in development, in this case of WhatsApp, discussed the innovations this version bring. A version with the number and quality of new products is expected to raise the number of version 3.0.

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The first is an improvement in terms of the user interface, i.e. at the interface and visual appearance of the application.

Something that would come from the hand of an agent code rewriting to avoid having to use the music section and improve the performance of the implementation.

It is also possible to enable users to call through the mobile phone and the Internet (VoIP) from the profile in the talks.

New emoticons to use in conversations. Perhaps the new selection that users of Android and enjoyed for several months and that they inherited from the of iPhone.

The emoticons also be reflected in the live tiles or medium sized tiles placed on the desktop of the terminal.

The rewrite and improvements also allow open the application from a notification does not take too long as to date, losing several seconds to load. According to leaks, it will be like in Android, virtually instantaneous.

Alongside these developments would also include a function to retrieve a backup application installed nothing. This means retrieve stored messages daily if uninstall or lose the application for any reason. As long as you do not format or delete all files in the terminal, of course.

The new design results in a user viewing the images larger, taking over the terminal screens.

Finally, you know that in the next version it will be possible to delete the files received to avoid filling the memory.

News that may be basic for other platforms but that, given the trajectory of WhatsApp for Windows Phone, are awaited and useful options. Still remain one more customization and proper functioning of the application. Issues hopefully improved in this release have not yet arrived but that is expected in the coming weeks.