Test the water resistance of the Galaxy S5

Samsung’s sales pitch for its Galaxy S5 is not at all focused on the strength of it, and yet the mark would totally could. We recently shared with you a stress test had shown that the latest Smartphone Samsung Galaxy did not risk much -see nothing- if he had fallen out of pocket or even be thrown from a height of 3 meters (you never know what can happen). If you missed this test, we invite you to experience it from this page.

Today, the same team (TechSmartt) decided to retest the Samsung Galaxy S5 but this time in the passing water and “forgetting” in a washing machine. You should know that in the specifications of the Smartphone, Samsung announced the IP 67 standard that allows it to withstand dust and water, so it must be able to withstand immersion up to one meter and, for a half an hour. Verdict?

The S5 again assure. While he was placed at the bottom of a swimming pool to a meter deep and this for an hour, he continued to work. Once out of the water, the same conclusion and no signs of infiltration.

After this test, the team did not resist the urge to “forget” the Galaxy S5 in the pocket of jeans and pass the normal cycle–in the washing machine. After 50 min of shock against the drum of the machine, the Galaxy S5 spring fully ready for use. Not only has it stood the water, but the screen is in perfect condition. Clearly impressive result.