The Android game of the week: Mobfish Hunter

Mobfish Hunter is a game set in 2020, on an Earth completely stripped of the so-called rare earths. Greed and race-on equipment caused this disaster and led the transformation of fish into a new species called Mobfish. All is not lost, however, since a new profession has emerged from this terrible chain of events. In this way, the Mobfish Hunter appeared.

Your goal will be to catch and collect different worlds Mobfish chasing them with a card where multiple mines under existing Navy.

You start with a mine all that has classic. You sink in the brackish depths and must avoid all Mobfish you meet. Once you have the misfortune to touch one, the mine will deploy its forces and start you pull. It will then remain you more than the solution to take your turn on more Mobfish possible.

In addition you touch Mobfish and make combos, the more you earn points that allow you to buy other underwater mine maps to explore. You will also gain the necessary parts for these purchases by climbing a level. You will get to that point of the complete regeneration of your energy that have been put to the test during the fighting in the mines underwater.

With a total of nine different mines to explore, you’ll have something to do. One of them -the boomerang- mine sends small boomerang assassins every time you touch a Mobfish.

Ever deeper dive can prove to be quite difficult. That’s why you have the opportunity to win various booster that will aim to help you reach new depths.

There are four places where hunting down mobfish and online store, Google Play, offers you the possibility to realize rankings, competitions and share them via Facebook, for example. The game is free but the IPA is possible for those who want to earn extra earnings.