The best applications for traveling

The best applications for travelling

The best applications for traveling
The evolution of the mobile phone has been increasing over the years. From a simple means to make phone calls from anywhere, to become a great travel companion in order to install applications to help us plan our trip. In this sense, we will make a ranking of what we consider the best applications to travel , so you can take them into account when carrying out a trip, with the aim that you can improve the experience of it.


Booking is one of the most popular hotel search engines. Thanks to its mobile application, we can search anywhere in any corner of the world, regardless of where we are and know more about the services it has, as well as their prices. Through this application, we can carry out reservations and also know the opinion of other users who have had experiences with the hotel that we are looking for.

Google Maps

Taking advantage of all the Google search engine, Google Maps is the perfect complement to know all types of business, including of course, hotels. Google Maps has a very active community, which we can use in terms of their opinions is concerned to know the different aspects of the hotels, as well as the experience of the tourists themselves in them. A good way to get to know a hotel before visiting it and, in passing, have a city guide in the same application.


Finally, an application that will not help us to book a hotel or to know the status of it, but it is very useful when we are in a town that we know nothing about. AroundMe allows us to see in real time, the services that are around us , so if we are in the middle of the street and open the application, we will be shown quickly all the shops that are around us, ideal for find shops and restaurants in an unknown city.