The best free applications to protect your Windows files and folders

The best free applications to protect your Windows files and folders

The best free applications to protect your Windows files and folders

Although it sounds a bit strange, the fact is that natively Microsoft has not implemented any functionality in Windows 10 that is responsible for protecting, in some way, access to certain files and folders in the system, at least in regard to the Home version of the operating system.

That is why, if necessary, for example if we work with a team shared by several users simultaneously, we have to rely on applications developed by third parties to carry out these protection tasks to which we refer. In this way what we are going to be able to do is to protect those elements of Windows by means of some type of password so that only users who have that password can access its content .

Of course, we must take into account that both to assign this security system , and to use it later and to be able to open that file or the selected folders, we must maintain the application with which we have carried out the process, installed in Windows for that can perform the corresponding unlocking .

Therefore, in the event that you need to perform these protection tasks , below we will talk about some tools that have been specially designed for it, that is, so that we can protect the contents of our disk drives , we want.

Free Applications to protect Windows folders and files

For example, this is the case of the tool called Folder Protector , a proposal of this type with a very simple and intuitive operation in which we have more to select the elements we want to protect through a personal password. In the same way it will allow us to assign permissions to certain users of the same PC so that they can access those protected contents in read only mode, writing, etc; all thanks to the 256-bit encryption it makes.

Folder Protector protect files

On the other hand we can also use the alternative called Lock-a-folder , another similar solution for the protection of folders and files in Windows completely free in which we have only to generate a master password that we assign to all those elements that we have stored in our disk drives. After installing the app once downloaded, when you start it the first thing you request is that master password that we mentioned, all for later, in the interface that presents us, go selecting the folders that we have to protect.

And finally we are going to talk about a free proposal called Easy File Locker, a security and content protection application in which, as in the cases described above, we will only have to specify a password that will later act as a key teacher for the files and folders that we are going to block with it.