Galaxy S10 Samsung with 5G and folding screens

The best Smartphones for selfies

Galaxy S10 Samsung with 5G and folding screens

How many of you do Selfies ? Some describe this behaviour as dangerous, if only because many people make them in places at the limit of safety. But we are sure it is not your case. Selfie experts, so … but do you know that all the front cameras are not the same in mobile phones?

There are those more “suitable” to do the Selfies and those less suitable that do not produce a picture up to your expectations. Let’s see in this article the best Android phones to make shots that live up to your expectations.

Many tests are always done on the main camera, the back, a few times we think instead of the one perhaps most loved by some fans. So let’s try to solve this problem: what are the best phones suitable for a selfie?

Google Pixel 3

Little to say here: a double 8Mpx camera that is kept under close observation by the integrated processing software made right from the house. Each photo is adjusted intelligently and under a double Wide / Ultrawide lens to get the most out of every selfie. We must not forget the presence of Auto-HDR and – if we really want to make it – the possibility to make videos in Full HD at 30Fps.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 3

Certainly an interesting choice: a dual camera 24 and 2Mpx, both coming out from the phone snap. The power of these cameras is very high, so it can produce really satisfying selfies.

The less powerful lens detects the depth of the photo, giving just that touch of realism to the whole thing. The HDR is included, even if you need to insert it separately, and there is a small LED flash for darker situations. It can record in Full HD at 30Fps.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Even if it turns out to be a year now (which means it will soon be replaced) the Galaxy S9 Plus has a great camera for selfies. Although it is single, the lens is well composed and full of features to take pictures in harder environments.

And ‘also equipped with Auto-HDR, so as to optimise the photos on the fly, and for those who like to make videos will find a nice surprise: you can film in 1440p, a higher average of other phones, even if always at 30Fps.