You must also assign an access code to all apps that contain personal or sensitive data

The best ways to protect your sensitive data of the smartphone

The advancement of technology, the benefits of the Internet and the possibilities offered by the different apps that currently exist, allow us to enjoy a large number of advantages on a daily basis.

However, in some cases we can be victims of hackers with the ability to clone phone, steal our personal information or sensitive data and generate scams that harm us greatly.

You must also assign an access code to all apps that contain personal or sensitive data

That is why it is essential that you know and put into practice some tips that allow you to protect your sensitive data properly. With these simple actions you can continue to enjoy the benefits of technology, safely and effectively.

Activate the lock function of your smartphone

It is an extremely simple action that will allow you to protect the content of your smartphone. Activate the lock function and create a passcode consisting of four or six digits. A more efficient alternative is to create a password by combining letters and numbers.

In case this form of blocking does not seem friendly to you, you can choose to draw a pattern, read your fingerprint, or facial identification. Today’s smartphones offer you several options to choose from.

You must also assign an access code to all apps that contain personal or sensitive data.

Update your cell phone’s operating system

Usually, smartphones send a notification indicating that it is time to update their software, apps or operating system. It is important that you pay attention to this message, as the update implies very beneficial improvements for your phone.

Among the improvements it is common to include bug fixes in the security area, or optimizations of some functions. All this with the aim of offering a higher level of protection against possible attacks by cybercriminals.

Install a free Antivirus Apps at least

Installing a protection tool on your smartphone can prevent you from downloading malicious files, and could protect your mobile device from a harmful file that is already on it.

There are a number of protection tools you can choose from. Select the most appropriate for your phone and protect it from hackers and malware.

Avoid using public WiFi as much as possible

Using public WiFi is a way of dangerously exposing your smartphone. These open networks are the ideal setting for attack by cybercriminals.

Avoid using this type of connection, especially if you are going to access mobile banking apps or those that handle some other type of valuable information.

Download apps only from official sites

Every time you want to add a mobile application to your smartphone, you need to download it from the corresponding official website. Avoid doing it from unknown sites.

This same practice is what you must implement when making purchases online. In this case, you must make sure that the sales platform is the official one, and that its payment systems are recognized and secure.

As an additional tip, validate that the web address of the site begins with “https”, this guarantees that the page has an SSL certificate.

Implement two-factor authentication

With two-factor or 2FA authentication, you add an extra step of security to your smartphone.

With this technique, in addition to entering the standard password, you must enter a code that the 2FA app sends you. For many, this is somewhat tedious, but it is well worth the effort. You would be raising a second protective shield between your phone and the dangers in the world of technology.

Don’t expose yourself on social media

Although social media is very important in many ways, it is also often dangerous if you expose yourself too much.

Avoid indicating personal data in the profile of social networks, and in your publications. Activate all the security mechanisms and filter your friends and followers very well.

You must learn to use the functions that technology offers you correctly, in order to enjoy it safely.