The Finnish company Nokia announced its comprehensive plan adjustment

The German-Finnish company Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) yesterday issued a statement announcing a complex plan to restructure the company, including, unfortunately for many people, the elimination of 17,000 jobs or what is the same, the dismissal of 23 percent of the global template, and thus try to save about one billion euros per year, all of them before they reach the year 2014.

The Finnish company Nokia announced its comprehensive plan adjustment

As reported by the news agency EFE, the new Nokia saving program is based on a series of internal measures aim to cut the costs of the company and, thus, improve profitability and balance finances given the sharp downturn of the international consumer products have experienced, perhaps motivated by the economic crisis and the high demand for phones such as Apple, Samsung, HTC and other gangs in the market.


To meet this goal of economic austerity, Nokia will lay off a quarter of its 74,000 employees, and integrate their business of wireless Motorola acquired them and make a cut a significant portion of the costs of production and management company. In other words, there will be cuts for all.


For now, the company has declined to reveal which countries will be affected by this plan cuts, although they have said in a rehabilitation program in other jobs for laid off staff in an attempt to reduce the negative impact that might result this measure.


Today, the company has accumulated considerable losses in the millions since 2007, a fact suggesting that the fusion of mobile phone maker Nokia and German Siemens group have not fared very well, especially ahead of the competition.