MoDaCo.SWITCH is a bit special ROM

The first beta MoDaCo.SWITCH lands on the Galaxy S4

MoDaCo.SWITCH is a bit special ROM. Not only does it allow to switch on the fly between the two ROMs simplest way, but it also shares data with each other. A real time-saver and ergonomics.

So far, this ROM was only available on HTC One, MoDaCo.SWITCH now sees with a version of Galaxy S4 following a successful Indiegogo campaign. The first beta comes with several applications including:

SwitchUp: which allows you to search and retrieve updates.
Switch companion: the companion being developed, which allow you to configure certain aspects of switch.
Switch Kitchen: reserved for premium members and some participants in the Indiegogo campaign, which will enable or disable certain features ROMs.

MoDaCo.SWITCH is a bit special ROM

Switch which allows to pass from TouchWiz Google Experience simply by pressing the application icon and select “yes.” It can hardly be simpler, but when in doubt you can find a video of Paul O’Brien, the developer of MoDaCo.SWITCH, presenting the main features.

Finally, for those who are interested in land and MoDaCo.SWITCH, it will take its troubles patiently. Indeed, beta 1 is currently only available to participants in the Indiegogo fundraising campaign. It is quite possible that this is open to everyone, no specifications have been published and therefore we can not know if it will happen and how long. By cons, if you had participated in the campaign, you should have received an explanatory email with a download link.