Android Q OS

The new Android Q OS 10.0 will be focused on security

Android Q OS
For more than 10 years, Google has been developing and improving the Android operating system which can now be found in smartphones, tablets, smart watches, televisions and many other electronic devices.

Today in 2019, developers will launch a new version called Android 10.0 Q , which in a few months we will see the trial version. On the other hand it is expected that the final stable version will be available in August, that is, very soon. But today I leave some of the features that this will bring. +

One of the most striking features is that all Android 10.0 Q devices will prohibit third-party applications from intercepting data from the clipboard , which is a feature commonly used in malware. Because of this, attackers will not be able to steal personal data and monitor the actions of the owner of the mobile device. Access to the clipboard will only receive the applications verified and signed by a special Google special, and this function must, in fact, be actively used in them, and not just be mentioned.

All applications in the new operating system will request separate permissions for music, photos and videos, while now merging into one. This will allow owners of mobile devices based on Android 10.0 Q to better control the behavior of certain programs.

Another of the excellent features that we have to name the new Android, is that this OS will have the ability to automatically revert to an earlier version of the game or the program if the new one for some reason after the installation of the update has stopped running. In this case, all the personal data of the users will be saved.

It remains to wait for the official presentation of the new operating system of the “giant search” so you can draw final conclusions about the innovations that users expect.