Samsung Galaxy S3 can open a door and control smart TV

The Samsung Galaxy S3 can open a door and control smart TV

When boosted the popularity of the proximity communication system NFC – Near Field Communication – since it was announced that, among other applications, it would enhance the function that provides this feature to turn the phone on whether installed in an electronic key.

This is not, however, the system which uses the Samsung Galaxy S3 to open the doors of the rooms in one of the hotels in the Holiday Inn in London, where the Olympic Games is going on, for which this Mobile phone is official.

Samsung Galaxy S3 can open a door and control smart TV

However, without the need for options NFC, the Samsung Galaxy S3 may serve eKey to enter the estacias you have contracted in that hotel chain. To do this, there is a unique application designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S3, according to the firm itself Korean. Yes, the options are limited to 40 rooms at the Holiday Inn in Stratford City.

The application is designed to operate with other features. For example, also makes the Galaxy S3 remote control to control the TV that is in each of the 40 rooms. True, the remote control functions from the mobile are still common in a while, but in this case the communication between the terminal and the TV is not limited to classical IR system, but, as it is a Samsung Smart TV, establishes a communication using a native connection between the two devices.

Samsung Galaxy S3 can open a door and control smart TV

But it does not end there. In addition to using the Samsung Galaxy S3 as an electronic key and remote for the TV, from the phone could control and customize other parameters of the room as the interior temperature maintained by the climate of stay, as well as lighting systems.

Not only that: the application installed in the Galaxy S3 also makes the phone an extension of the fixed terminal is in the room, giving a direct line to reception and the room service. On the other hand, one of the entrances of this utility also concentrates the last minute of the Olympics information in real time so that the user does not miss any of the Games.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is proving to be the most successful device in the catalog of the Korean company. It has sold over ten million units, following: the company expects to end the summer grazing the 20 million phones. It has a 4.8 inch screen HD Super AMOLED type, describing a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels.

In connection is most competitive market: 3G, Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth, MHL, microUSB and LTE options based on regional models that can be found wherever it is available. Take a quad core processor 1.4 GHz and RAM of one to two GB.