Things that damage your mobile's battery

Things that damage your mobile’s battery

Things that damage your mobile's battery
The increasingly large dimensions of mobile phones, the fact of charging our device in the computer or exposure to extreme temperatures are some of the things that damage the battery of the mobile in a considerable way and that we specify in the next lines.

Habits that shorten battery life

Has not it happened to you that after several weeks using your innovative mobile phone, your battery starts to wear out? One of the main reasons that explain this situation is that these models come from the factory with a certain number of loads and, once that limit is reached, the first signs of deterioration begin to show.

Inadequate coverage

When our mobile phone tries to connect to a Wi-Fi network or maintain a more stable connection, the power consumption is considerable. All this happens, especially in areas with low signal strength or when different people try to connect to the same network.

If what you want is to extend the useful life of your phone , it is best to opt for activating airplane mode. Despite not being a definitive solution, it will be useful to extend the life of the device in question.

The extreme temperatures

The mobiles use lithium batteries , since they will charge faster. However, this type of batteries has its drawbacks, given that the ions they contain can end up eroding the material itself, causing subsequent load cycles to be increasingly deficient. For this reason, it is vital to prevent the mobile from being exposed to temperatures that are too high or too low.

Charge the mobile on the computer

When we load the mobile in our computer, we will also be contributing to reduce the useful life in the mobile battery. Why this situation? Basically, the currents oscillate a lot between the two USB inputs, which could cause more heating than the load on a plug. Therefore, it is convenient to use the original charger and a power outlet that is more stable.

Make the most of the battery

It is convenient that your mobile phone does not reach the minimum battery more than twice a day, since the latter could reduce its performance. A user can not be charging his mobile constantly, because this can also cause a significant reduction in the duration of his own battery.

These are some of the habits or things that damage the cell phone battery and that have to be taken into account to prevent your life from shortening more than necessary. What kind of habits do you follow to extend the life of your devices?