how to Integrate FM radio Functions on my Samsung Galaxy S4

Tips to Integrate FM radio Functions on Samsung Galaxy S4

Since the Samsung Galaxy S4 was officially presented, no mention of any functionality related to FM radio has been mentioned. In fact, you are probably already wondering why Samsung had failed to put an FM radio in its latest flagship smartphone, then that is fond of new features. Moreover, we can not say that it is the material compositions of the device missing for this function.

how to Integrate FM radio Functions on my Samsung Galaxy S4

In any case, media had interviewed an official from Samsung which is in Russia, and he had explained his views on the lack of FM radio on the Galaxy S4 as follows: “Our research shows a trend change the consumer interest in the radio function via smartphones. Consumers are indeed a focus on listening to music content on social networks or YouTube. Our flagship model is designed for customers who use the channels and media of modern digital information.”

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Samsung no longer uses the FM radio application on their smartphones. However, Samsung has not the habit of dropping a possible feature on their smartphones. In addition, these explanations seem very unconvincing. Anyway, all the lack of FM radio we hope will not lead to a negative impact already the FM radio application is now considered a standard in a Smartphone.

If you are a great user of FM radio on your smartphone, and you intend to get (when possible) a Galaxy S4, you just have to hope for a hotfix that will integrate this function.

And you, do you concur with Samsung, or, you are one of those who still use this feature? Leave your answers in the comments.