bloatware in the Galaxy and S6 in the model Edge

Too much bloatware on the Samsung Galaxy S6

As noted in a survey conducted by analysts at forSmartphone, Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 “Edge” of the South Korean giant Samsung would present some 56 bloatware, that is pre-installed applications on the operating system (in this case Android with TouchWiz interface) by the parent; for the top level of Seoul it would be a record low.

bloatware in the Galaxy and S6 in the model Edge

As is known, the bloatware have the characteristic that it can not be removed except through special procedures often quite heavy duty and ignored by most of the users; it follows that these App end up weighing in many cases on the general level of performance not be particularly useful for owners of devices.

Just to make a comparison, the device Moto G, also based on Robottino Green, would present more than 33 pre-installed applications; between the bloatware included with the package of software Galaxy S6 there would not only solutions closely linked to the system, such as S Voice and S Health, but also commonly used programs like WhatsApp and Instagram.

To make this more problematic situation, there would be the fact that, for the decision of the same manufacturer, these applications should not be uninstalled, but only deactivated; this (annoying) limitation, as fairly predictable, but was initially excluded and what it should not do is accentuate the disappointment of users.

The large presence of bloatware in the Galaxy S6 and in the model “Edge” would end up weighing less than 8 Gb on the storage space available, at this point it would seem quite understandable the Asian company’s decision not to propose a minimum cut of 16 Gb and switch directly to a much bigger base configuration of 32 Gb.