Google Hangouts will stop supporting SMS very soon

If you use Google Hangouts as an SMS app, you should look for an alternative

Google has a serious problem with its messaging applications. After the arrival of Google Allo, many Android users doubted what would happen to Hangouts , the previous G messaging app, which in a short time will be divided into two different services , aimed at professionals and companies.

Now, Google wants to confuse Android users even more, and all those who, until now, used Hangouts as their default SMS client for Android Messaging, will have to find an alternative soon.

Hangouts will stop supporting SMS very soon
Google Hangouts will stop supporting SMS very soon

As we are told from 9to5Google , the great G would have updated the policies of G Suite, stating that Hangouts will stop supporting SMS in a short time , in order to focus all their efforts on the development of functionalities aimed specifically at professionals and companies.

We’ve been working hard to optimize the classic Hangouts product for business users, and as part of this effort, the SMS functionality of vendors will be removed from the classic Hangouts Android app starting May 22.

Reportedly, this measure will take effect next May 22 , and since then, all those Android users who were using Hangouts as default SMS app should look for an alternative.

Of course, Google recommends that users make the jump to Android Messaging, the application previously known as Messenger, which has recently been updated to support the new standard RCS messaging, and within a few months could gain more importance.

Before finalizing, comment that Google has pointed out some news that will soon reach its suite of business apps. You can see all these news from the official G Suite news blog . Lastly, and if you still use Hangouts as an app for SMS, we recommend you switch to Android Messaging , a much simpler and more effective app, and updated to new messaging technologies.

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