Vulnerability: Smartphone apps can secretly access photos

Apps for Android and Apple have significant vulnerabilities. It can secretly access to photos stored on the smartphone. Once the smartphone user has an Internet connection or a location determination agrees, the apps seem to access the images according to a report of New York Times. The leaders of Google and Apple respond very differently to the allegations.

Apps for Android and Apple have significant vulnerabilities

According to reports, the New York Times Android apps do not need permission to access images. It could so happen that the Apps without the knowledge of the user to send images on to the developer. The Android users would not notice anything. The only indication is a faster upload volume consumed.

“We want to be able to confirm that no special permission is needed for an app to read the photos”: In the New York Times, commented Kevin Mahaffey, Chief Technology Officer of the Android-virus protection software Lookout, as saying.

Apparently Google has been sending the first measures against the problem. The company confirmed the vulnerability of the Android apps compared to the New York Times. The file system on Android is outdated and no photos in the past few years, adapted to be built in the memory devices, a Google spokesman for the company, according to the report, New York Times. The ability to delete a rogue app, have each user, the spokesman continued.

Apple has not yet commented on the safety issue. Recently been a weak point in connection with Apple iOS had been found. Sun App Developers can access the address books without asking the user App. Apple offers no insight on different Android app permissions. Other apps have the permissions to point out what data they access.