different-phones phablets The phablet is a class of mobile devices combining or straddling the size format

What phablets can we find in the market?

different-phones phablets The phablet is a class of mobile devices combining or straddling the size format
Do you know what is the last great innovation in the market, which has revolutionized the way of conceiving communication, information and entertainment? The term phablet takes over the technological universe and today we want to echo some of its best-known models . can you come with us?

What phablets can we find in the market with comparatively cheaper price?

The phablets are the result of the global connection we live on our planet and the need to contact our loved ones regardless of the miles they do not separate, as well as to inform us about what happens in any corner of the planet. These devices are the clearest reference of the perfect fusion between a smartphone and a tablet, a hybridization that will allow concentrating in your hands the functionalities of both devices.

One of the first differences is found in the dimensions of your screen , especially large for a smartphone, but very small for a tablet and, however, allow us to perform the functions of one and the other.

With this type of device, you can not only communicate with your loved ones, via conventional call, SMS, whastsapp or social networks, but you can also open a window to all the information offered by the Internet, watch your favorite videos, enjoy interesting applications and much more, with which a simple mobile phone would be limited.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the phablets by models

Samsung has been one of the pioneer companies to introduce this hybrid in our society with models of the Galaxy Note range. Despite being a risky bet, the truth is that little by little they have been making a hole in the market and stealing the interest of many users who wanted to combine the functionality of both devices into one. One of the most recent examples of phablets is the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Its Super AMOLED screen of 5, 7″ will allow us a greater optimization in the search by Internet or the reading of our novels and preferred electronic essays. Another of its advantages is that, despite the low light intensity in certain environments, we can obtain clear photos with its front camera of 3, 7 megapixels with F1 lens, 9 and Smart OIS rear camera of 16 megapixels, something that does not get all the phablets.

Also with your Photo Note we can convert photos in analog to digital format, something necessary for those interested in new technologies, we always want to be up to date.

However, as a result of the appearance of the series of Samsung phablets , many other models have proliferated in the market that have tried to improve or perfect the shortcomings of their predecessors in order to adjust to our most pressing needs.

Among other things, the phablets that have been bet by other manufacturers have not only changed in terms of functionality, but also design, surpassing the not inconsiderable five inches in screen size of the first versions to reach six inches or , even, today we find many other models that exceed this figure. Undoubtedly, a picture is worth a thousand words and the attraction that this fixed or moving image generates among the audience of the 21st century has caused many to be melted by this type of devices.

Halfway between smartphones and tablets, these new devices did not attract the interest of users at first as a result of having much larger screens than conventional models. However, the interest that Samsung was awakening with its Galaxy Note series , opened the way for other companies to adjust to this same trend.

In this sense, from our Mobile blog , whether they are better or worse for users, we can not ignore models such as the Sony Xperia Z Ultra with a Full HD resolution and a screen that reaches 6, 44 inches .

This phablet has an internal memory of 16 GB expandable with its microSD card to 64 GB. Its performance is superior to the model launched by Samsung in its Galaxy Note 3 version , allowing to run any application available on Google Play, but it exceeds the time to include a somewhat confusing avalanche of options and menus for each corner.

It also exceeds in size the latter in 5, 7″ , becoming a more interesting option for those who like to see in detail our photographs and favorite images. However, the large size of your screen makes it difficult to manage with one hand, a drawback to which must be added the fact that its buttons are integrated in the touch screen, especially complicating its use under water since it is a version submersible.

Its design is very similar to the Sony Xperia Z or known as Sony Xperia Tablet Z. Although the quality of your screen is very interesting, the truth is that when there is a lot of brightness there are reflections that prevent us from seeing clearly where we are sailing. On the other hand, and despite the fact that Sony creates some of the most interesting sensors on the market, the truth is that the 8 megapixel camera does not finish up , due to its low degree of detail and noise that we can hear from medium.

In 2013, Samsung also introduced us the Samsung Galaxy Mega model , which even exceeds in size many of its current models of the Galaxy Note range to have, among many other things, with a screen of 6, 3 inches, 1, 5 GB of RAM and 8 or 16 GB of internal storage.

Despite the quality of its screen, once again, these large sizes are unmanageable for the user’s hand, although it is true that its thickness of only about 8 millimeters helps the weight is not excessive. Likewise, it has two integrated cameras , one in the front and one in the rear with automatic focus achieving a great sharpness in the resulting images, as well as being equipped by a relatively powerful processor.

For its part, has also been added to the fever of the phablets the firm Nokia with its models Lumia 1520 and 1320 , both with colossal screens adjusted to 6 inches.

The quality of the screen in both models is especially interesting, but in regard to the Lumia 1520 we can highlight some slowdown in the response time . Its camera, very similar to that of its predecessor Lumia 1020, enjoys a good luminosity, although in low light the photos are not as striking as one might expect.

Finally, we can highlight many other models such as the HCT One Max with 5, 9 inches screen and Snapdragon 600 chip from Qualcomm that together with its great battery has a great capacity in the phone, as well as a large autonomy, two features that all we need every phablet to be worthy.