WhatsApp Web, new update with photo profile and improvements for chatting

WhatsApp Web, new update with photo profile and improvements to chat

It was released a new update for WhatsApp Web that has enhanced chat features allowing you to change your profile photo from your computer.

The interface dekstop Note smartphone application WhatsApp allows you to use the same services but through a computer, and was introduced just six months ago. It ‘easy to use, although up to this great update there were many complaints as different chat functionality for smartphones were not available for the web version.

WhatsApp Web, new update with photo profile and improvements for chatting

WhatsApp Web, improvements to the chat and profile photos with the new update

Thanks to the new update, also from the Web version will be possible to manage groups: specifically, are introduced the functionality of silencing of one or more conversations (for 8 hours, one week or one year), but also storage or abandonment. In addition, users who have a computer with a webcam will be able to make shots on time for your profile photo; Everyone will remove the image or upload one from your hard disk. Another feature implemented directly from WhatsApp is the inclusion or change of status, that all contacts can see and which is usually used by users to communicate their mood through citations, that option in these 6 months was only available for smartphones.

How to download WhatsApp Web

To download WhatsApp Web first you must navigate on the official page where you will find a QR code; at this point you need to open with the smartphone application WhatsApp and access the drop down menu through the icon with the three vertical dots present in the upper right corner. It just has to select the “WhatsApp Web” and scan the QR code through your phone’s camera; After these simple steps, smartphone and computer are synchronized and will be possible to chat through your dekstop using keyboard and mouse. For users that have an Iphone you can not do this because WhatsApp has not yet developed the Web version of WhatsApp compatible with the operating system IOS.