WIndows Phone 8.1 application stuck installing

Windows phone 8.1 apps do not start?

Some Windows phone 8.1 users reported being unable to open the app and facebook and whatsapp. The flaw is the inability to launch the app in that its Live Tile becomes not “clickable” with gray color. We suggest the possible cause and some advice to solve.

It seems that everything is due to a backup problem on Windows Phone 8.1. Upon publication of its app, the developer can decide (rightly) that their app will be backed up by the user. And until everything is normal.

WIndows Phone 8.1 application stuck installing

During the backup, some apps are not used, as reported by the operating system in

Settings-> BackupAssist> Settings and App

In fact, if you start a backup and keep an eye on the tile to one of your app in StartScreen of Windows phone 8.1 will see that at some point turns gray, then return the normal color after a few seconds.

The problem, then, could be linked precisely to the backup, for example, it can not be completed or is interrupted, and must be so to lock your own App (then facebook, whatsapp or any other app) without possibility to start the application.

Advice to solve the problem

– check in Settings -> Backup the backup is correctly completed on a recent date

– if the backup is suspended or with some kind of error we recommend to launch a new backup engines and it is successful. To do this, make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi network stable in order to avoid possible problems of connectivity temporary and not disconnect the phone until it is completed up

– whether the backup should remain locked or give some kind of error even after the above suggestions, you should try disabling it, to see if the application starts to work, and to read this thread on our forum to find a possible solution to the problems with backup.