Xiaomi officially announces MIUI 12

Xiaomi officially announces MIUI 12: the new version of the Mobile OS

Xiaomi has started the MIUI 12 beta in China, but the announcement of the new interface is now official all over the world

As the title suggests , Xiaomi has officially announced the latest version of the customized interface for its smartphones. It is MIUI 12 , which is still based on Android 10 , but at the same time it simplifies the end-user experience with several ad hoc thinking devices. A version with several new features.

Xiaomi officially announces MIUI 12
Xiaomi presents MIUI 12 official all over the world

In general, this new version of the Chinese manufacturer’s customized interface offers a whole set of new animations . These are much more fluid and dynamic animations than the previous ones. Another addition not to be underestimated is a whole new dark mode, simply called Dark Mode 2.0 . It is designed to make it easier to read what’s on the screen without straining your eyes, even during prolonged use of the device.

An important aspect improved by Xiaomi also in this round is the management of privacy. Thanks to MIUI 12 the user will be able to keep under control some fundamental aspects such as application tracking. A new system has also been added whose purpose is to protect sensitive data; it is a new protocol .

Speaking of monitoring, Mi Health has been officially added , the app designed for monitoring certain parameters such as sleep quality . An addition that does not require extra devices compared to the smartphone itself. Finally, a new window system has also been implemented that allows you to keep some apps active while you switch to viewing content in full screen.

The announcement has been made, but for now MIUI 12 is still in beta . Chinese users will be able to test these news in advance. Once this phase is completed, it will gradually arrive on all compatible models .